"I have only great things to say of Toriano and his crew of wolf keepers. I recently acquired a shih zu that is 8 years old and a nervous biter. I also have a 9 year old Pomeranian and three small children and needed help. I had used Toriano's services in the past (over 7 years ago) to help with my aggressive dog which worked wonders and knew if anyone could help it would be him. He showed up the next day after I called and told me he could help our family and Tula (our new shih zu family member). Tula went into the 3 week boot camp that also included in-home training sessions to train us humans on how to work with our wolf companions. It was great to watch Tula's transformation and I am happy to report we are a bite free happy family and Tula's life was saved and our family is grateful for the services that Toriano's training did for us."

Emily & Scarlett

"Toriano is Great to work with, we have a 1 year old pitbull that had problems with aggression and her hyperactive personality. We are only half way through our training with her and she is already a completely different dog! Toriano is very involved and makes sure to keep us just as involved in the training, he is also amazing with teaching us as much as he is teaching our dog! He shows great care and commitment for each and every dog he trains! You can see that his passion for what he does makes training for him more than just a job.Our decision to go to "The Wolfkeeper" for guidance was the best choice we have made! I highly recommend anyone in need of a trainer to talk to him, or go and check out one of his group classes! He has truly helped us turn our "dog" into an actual pet! :-)"

Jill & Tilly

"Upon Meeting Toriano, my dog Tilly (a 7-month-old miniature goldendoodle) and I noticed his confidence and love of the canine breed. "It's not the dog, it's the owner", was quickly realized as I had to rearrange my house so that my "cup cake canine" understood I was suppose the be the Alpha, not her. She resisted the new the feeding place, but in time she finally found she didn't have much choice if she wanted to eat at all. Toriano is an amazing person and trainer. He has a mission to save all dogs and their owners from the disappointment of losing their dog because they misbehave and injure an unsuspecting person. He also wants all dogs treated with dignity and shows us (Tilly and I) how to accomplish this through training. I enlisted Toriano's help to insure that if anything happens to me, my Tilly will be welcomed and trained to pass to one of my four sons. The thought of her being sent to a shelter because they could not handle her would be heart breaking. Yes Tilly is a puppy and yes I need to remember I raised four sons without coddling them and they are all the better for it. So, I had to put my MOTHER hat back on and keep the consistency with this adorable fluff ball and not waiver. It has been about training me as well as Tilly. She is responding with a lot greater speed than I expected. And, I am so thankful Toriano is guiding us and staying with us until the job is done. Toriano may even get a watch from Santa for being such a good man. (-: "

Tanya & The Wiener Crew

"Toriano was AMAZING with my 3 dachshunds!! Turns out doxies ARE trainable..... and he proved it!  He helped us with some anxiety/aggression with my youngest and worked with my middle dachshund and I to get us trained and certified as a Therapy Dog Team! We are so pleased and proud to be a part of the Wolfpack!" – Tanya Owner of Long Dog Apparel

Mikel Leshoure & Gucci

"Toriano trained my American Bulldog and put him through his finished dog 2 year training camp. Gucci taveled back and forwards between Chicago and Detroit until he was completely trained.  I recommend Toriano and his training services."

Joel & Martin

"I just want to say that Toriano has trained one of my dogs to perfection and now he's working on my second dog, a puppy. The puppy is learning quick and Toriano's techniques are pretty amazing. Couldn't handle this pup without him. If you have a dog that needs some sort of training whether it's jumping on people, biting, pulling on leash, anything, he can take care of it pretty quickly. He's very pro-active and knows how to get the owner involved in the training as well, if they wish. Do it!"

Donovan McNabb & Apollo

"I got my American Bulldog from Toriano and it was the best experience ever. I recommend Toriano's training." 

Sara & Moose

"High praise for Toriano! I rescued a Pit Bull from the shelter but I realized fast it was more than I could manage. The Wolfkeeper swooped in and saved me. This gorgeous Pittie now has a great home and I am ready to rescue another one, knowing that Toriano has my back if I need it. Thanks Wolfkeeper really not sure how I would have done this without you."

Lance & Buddah

"Toriano is my dog trainer in Chicago. He has totally transformed my pit bull Buddha from a crazy out of control dog with no manners to a gentle giant that is very sweet, polite and attentive. His techniques not only help the dog but it also gives you tools as the alpha to keep your dog on point at all times. His philosophy of dog training is amazing (see his book) and he really practices what he preaches. I highly recommend his courses for any owner who has a any kind of dog that needs help with socialization, training, and purpose."