5 Takeaways from Toriano Sanzone's Seminar

You will GAIN KNOWLEDGE on what Dog Psychology means.
You will be Able to NEW TECHNIQUESto Dog Owners Personal and help them train their Dog.
You will Observe and Analyze Dog Obedience Techniques that will be able to use on your Dog.
You will be able to Describe and initiate Dog Yoga for the first time and learn how that changes a Dog's Behavior.
You will acquire the skills to work with Dominant-Aggressive Dogs and Extreme Behavioral Problems.

Wolfkeeper Knowledge

Define what we mean by Dog Aggressive, Dog Dominant and and Dog's Emotions.
Apply Wolfkeeper Dog Training techniques and concepts to everyday dog training and ownership.
Classify The order in which we should respect the Dog.
You will be able to identify different types of Dog Behavior.
You will be able to arrange your own Training Session is a systematic order.
All Seminar Students will be able to list specific steps in order to understanding Dog Behavior.

Wolfkeeper Skills

All of The Wolfkeeper students will have to perform Dog Training Task to verify they understand the techniques.
Toriano will ask questions to make sure that all Wolfkeepers under how certain Dog equipment Operates.
We will use certain Dogs to produce different Dog Training scenarios in order to test your newly acquired knowledge.
Toriano will create different environmental challenges in order to test the Dog Trainers Skills.

Wolfkeeper Mindset/Attitude

  • We will share Dog Stories as a group, so that we can learn from each other
  • Toriano will also share Dog Stories that you can identify with because knowledge comes from Case Studies
  • Once you complete The Wolfkeeper Training Certification you will have a lifetime of Support from other Master Dog Trainers from around the World
  • Toriano Sanzone and he's team of trainers are constantly formulating New Dog Training concepts, so you will be updated through social media and teleconferencing
  • You will receive Verification every year of our annual Seminar that will take place in your city every year and have the opportunity to be a part of an international fraternity of trainers.

Wolfkeeper Power Training

  • Toriano will lecture for :10-20 minutes and The Wolfkeeper Student will go into small groups to talk about what they just learned for :10-:20 minutes
  • Each Student will be asked to Share the most Powerful Dog Story they have encountered and the group will analyze each story
  • (Questons-Issues-Concerns-Confessions)  The Wolfkeeper Training Group is a place where fellow students will be able to ask any question and never be critiqued
  • Toriano will supply copies of his book to borrow, handouts, and will be doing lots of hands on work with the dogs
  • We encourage student to bring pictures and videos of their Dogs
  • We will create as many "Aha Moments" as possible because it's important that you walk away armed with new concepts you didn't know before

Keep an eye on the Wolfkeeper Events page for upcoming F.I.R.E. Seminar dates in Europe and North America.